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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 7, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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because the trend here is obliterating. a doctor mat iblg attack by a hospital patient that injured several nurses in minnesota. the whole thing was captured on a hospital security camera. you can see 68-year-old charles
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logan swinging a metal pole through the nurse's stations. logan had been hospitalized with episodes of confusion. logan died after being handcuffed by police and authorities are investigating what caused his death. one nurse suffered a collapse lung, another fractured her wrist. stunning new revelations about the company behind the massive air bag recall. it might have knowingly put lives at risk. this allegations comes from former employees at t aka ta manufacturing plant in michigan. they conducted secret tests on air bags. it found significant flaws but never reported their findings to federal regulators. instead takata ordered them to
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delete the testing from the computers. a spokesperson declined to comment but consequently the report came out on the same day that the executive issued a apology. honda is recalling a undisclosed number of cars. the expanded recall comes after another request by the federal government. the faulty air bags are responsible for four deaths. new details emerging about how police were able to rescue a philadelphia woman after she was kidnapped after the street. prosecutors filed kidnapping charges against delvin barns. he admitted to abducting the 22-year-old. we learned a gps tracking device played a role in helping police find her. it turns out a car dealer placed the device in the suspect's vehicle out of fear that the car
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might need to be repossessed because of a bad credit report. barns has been extradited to virginia where he's been charged in another abduction case. this time involving a 16-year-old girl. she's set to be resting comfortably in an undisclosed location. on his way to cover a murder a news camera man gets caught up in the story himself. the australian photographer was driving to a crime scene when the suspect, this man plaged him down with blood saned hands in front of the camera he asked peter stooer to call police. that was just the beginning. >> he was more than willing at first but something turned in his way. >> he points a gun at the photographer and hijacks the news vehicle. tash cam footage shows him
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speeding down the road and slams into a slam. police swarm moments after that collision and arrest the suspect. >> the men who killed bin laden revealed. a former member of navy s.e.a.l. team 6 has come forward. his story does not line up with the one told by a lot member of the s.e.a.l. team from the book "no easy day." not lost in all of this a breach of the honored code of secrecy. cynthia mcfadden has more. >> s.e.a.l. team 6 the elite unit that took out bin laden has been glorified in films. three years later the team is embroiled in a war of its own two members breaking a code of silence. >> i'm not telling any secrets. i'm not breaking the rules. >> robert has been on the motivational speaking circuit. >> you don't need a plan to
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execute. >> he identified himself as the man who killed bin laden. another team member wrote a book in which he described it somewhat differently with three commandos firing shots that hit bin laden. he asked us not to show his face. >> two different people telling two different stories for two didn't reasons. >> they divided the community. last week the s.e.a.l.s top commander wrote an open later saying we don't abide willful or selfish disregard for our core values for public notoriety and financial game. and warned legal consequences who place our teammates at risk. >> if classified information was released to the world people can get killed. that's what this is all about. >> they do agree on one thing. they say they have the right to
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speak out. >> but you signed a nondisclosure agreement to not talk about any mission, right? >> yes. yeah. >> he now admits he should have had his book cleared by superiors. he got bad legal advice and suing his lawyer. he's under criminal investigation for potentially leaked classifying secrets which he denies doing. >> is it scary? sure. it was always scary. the bengals and browns faced off at thursday night football. the biggest moment of the night happened off the field. 4-year-old lea flew in for the game to watch her play for the first time. she's the daughter of devon steel. lea is battling stage four pediatric cancer. last night she got the star treatment. a team party with dad before the game, a photograph with the bengals cheer leaders, and the best seat in the thousands cheer
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on her dad. after of the first quarter the bengals presented a check donating to $1.3 million to cincinnati's hospital. it was an emotional and memorable night. lea may have been the only bright side. they lost to the browns in a crushing 24-3 game. taking a look at other sports and college football. getting the early lead on clemson. the tigers claw their way back. clemson run away with the win. 34-20. ! to houston nobly and duncan sat out and the rockets took advantage. welcome to the alley-oop party. howard scoring a whopping 36 points. a scary moment on the ice. che
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chick it out. the leaves said he was alert and moving after he was taken by stretcher off the ice. the the u.s. little league world series champs visited the white house. they posed for photographs in the oval office with the president and first lady. the nfl will play three games in london next year at whem bli stadium including the first division game played overseas by the new york dodolp jets. we have a warning for you, you cannot unhear this. ♪ ♪ ♪ i know you want it such a good girl ♪ >> not a good sound. we apologize. that was so painful. stalks may remain in record
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territory on the heels of the election. home depot said 58 million e-mail addresses were swiped. they are alerting customers to be on guard. the post office will be delivering packages seven days a week in major cities to keep up with the competition. it is also approved a brand new forever stamp featuring, of course, rudolph, santa, and bum frbl the classic rudolph the red nose reindeer. check out the latest theme. social bra is based on the film frozen. it took six months to perfect. speaking of bras, victoria secret faced a flurry of criticism over the ad slogan, the perfect body. they changed the slogan to a body for everybody. in 2005, the cia commission
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the creator of the gi joe doll to develop a bin laden doll. get them into the hands of children in arab countries not idolize bin laden. the project was cancelled with one only one doll remaining. that doll is being auctioned off $2500. an army national guard helicopter goes down. we have late breaking details on that. plus facebook chief mark zuckerberg shutting down details that he's exploiting the ebola crisis. we'll give you the typhoon details coming up. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches?
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it's being referred to asbearing sea bomb. that's happening. this was a typhoon and now becoming what we call an extra tropical storm. it's similar to what happened
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when hurricane sandy became a big nor esth'eastenor'easter. this will be stronger. this is the islands here. it will have hurricane force winds, near record waves, and pressure. how it affects the lower 48. it bubbles the jet stream sends warm air well up into area of western canada. it opens the door for cold air to plunge down to the u.s. the forecast for the rest of the country. we don't have many issues it's monday we have problems. >> enjoy the next few days. >> it will get cold but it's november, too. some stories making news. the army national guard is mourning the death of two of its soldiers. they died when their helicopter crashed two miles south of the
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airport in boise, idaho. they were on a training mission. same-sex marriage is heading to the supreme court. this time supremes might be appealed to hear the cases. they upheld gay marriage bans in ohio, tennessee, and kentucky a a month after supreme court essentially paved the way for same-sex marriage in several states after refusing to hear cases. the pentagon is coming clean. after a decade of ignore iing t claim that soldiers were facing chemical agents. lack of evidence forced a new zealand prosecutor to drop murder for hire charges against ac/dc drummer. possessi
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starting today facebook users can donate directly to charities fighting ebola in west africa. company founder mark zuckerberg said facebook is sending 100 internet and phone terminals for ebola workers in aid stricken countries. take a look at zuckerberg's response after the facebook user called it a marketing stunt he said, quote, i personally donated $25 million. i guess that settles that. democrats considering new leadership and on the menu for today's white house meeting with congressional leaders bourbon and droe . . they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome!
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start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. wrap the week with scramble politics. two democrats might be updating their linked in pages following the midterm melt droun. frustration with nancy pelosi simmers among democrats. wasserman schultz's time of dnc chairwoman about to expire. the post midterm honeymoon over? both sides agreeing to work together. listen to what maryland's chris van hollen tells chris hayes on "all in." all this talk about how the speaker boehner is interested in maybe negotiating with the president was kind of dispelled. interpretation his members put on the election is not that we've got to work together to
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end the disfunction in washington but they have to stop barack obama at all costs >>well, hillary clinton is getting some 2016 presidential love. problem is, it's from germany. a newspaper calling her america's last hope. in louisiana tough news for senator mary landrieu. democrats yanked $2 million in ad money. mixed returns for one of the democrat's biggest donors. millionaire environmental tom story. he pumped $57 million in the midterms. only three won. story's response at least climate change got into the political debate. rick perry was in court facing abuse of power charges. day one was drama free perry just saying.
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>> i'm here to restate the lawful constitutional authority of a governor. >> a bipartisan group of lawmakers and the president will be lunching at the white house today. so what is on the midterm loss menu? reporters had some fun speculating. take a listen. >> i don't know what is on the menu. i'm sure there's a good joke there. >> bourbon. >> that's one of them. >> we can probably do a top ten list. i wonder if you have a top ten list. good morning, kevin. happy friday. as we were talking about the president is meeting with the top lawmakers from both sides today. how important is this to setting the tone to really make some progress this time around? >> well, break out the bourbon and let's do a shot for bipartisan! i think this meeting is could
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potentially set the tone. i don't have too high of expectations. either way, i think we heard it. senator mitch mcconnell's victory speech earlier this week as well as from president obama's remarks earlier this week that both are going to stick to their guns into this new congress. i think both sides still trying to feel each other out at this point. >> it seems like everybody is sticking their guns. should the gop be worried about republican fighting between speaker boehner, mitch mcconnell, even ted cruz. >> that's a good question. we've seen the tea party versus the centrist republicans in fighting on display. i think when you think about it senator ted cruz backed off and said he would, you know, not be challenging senator mcconnell for the senate majority leader spot. but i do think this is going come to fruition and come to a head during the immigration
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battle. if the president puts forth something. i think that's when a policy debate we could see tea party versus centrist. i think that republicans recognizing they have an opportunity, betty, to take back the narrative and not be known as the party of no. and actually put forward some ideas. how long that will last remains to be seen. >> who is going to have an easier time controlling their base? >> i'm going to say senator mcconnell. i think the house has been just -- it's brimming to be a lot more tough of a time from a perspective of speaker boehner. i think the senate usually tends to be a little bit more able to get stuff done, if do you will. >> all right. thank you so much for your insight sprp a great weekend! the man who bought the house complete with an expired former owner. and check out the television ad that is sweeping the globe. that's next. before my sister's wedding
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leading the news. cape coral man buy s foreclosed home and finds body. a 9-1-1 call explain it is all. i might be skd asking for a refund. police cars that make sure cops that don't break the law are coming in 2015. a new system developed by ford monitoring if officers are
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flashing their sirens to get through red lights, driving over 110 miles per hour, and even if they're not wearing a seat belt. it send the information to their supervisors. some other stories for you today. an elderly woman caused a chain-reaction crash. the bus had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting her and veered into another truck -- he hit the woman, still. >> he could have plowed through. >> ten people were injured. the elder woman suffered some bone fractures. president obama has written a leader to the supreme leader of isis. the letter was sent last month and outlined a shared interest in fighting isis militants. after being online for 24 hours a new christmas ad from the u.k. got almost 4 million views. it's part of an $11 million
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campaign store campaign features a little boy named sam and his pet penguin and getting his penguin a christmas present. thank you for watching us today. we appreciate it. way too early with thomas roberts starting right now. >> my attitude about this is trust but verify. >> trust but verify. >> where have i heard that before? >> trust but verify. >> there you have it! >> the high water mark of our new era of bipartisanship. is the senate majority leader implying he is to obama as reagan was to the leader of our totalitarian nuclear nemesis, aka, the evil empire. my feeling of despair is brought
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to me by historical context. it's why old people are sad. historical context. all eyes on pennsylvania avenue today. president obama set to meet with congressional leaders will will they manage to find common ground? will bourbon really show up. first we set the clocks back and now an arctic blast. frigid temperatures hitting the north next week. matthew mcconaughey shares his experience in what it's like shooting the biggest block buster. plus, lewis make the anne hathaway rush? this is way too early. ♪ somebody was bin


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